This privacy notice about the management of personal information describes how Camilo Borst’s webshop collects and manages information about you.
The privacy policy applies to personal information, which you surrender to us, or we collect through Camilo Borst’s website,
Camilo Borst is data-responsible for your personal information. If you have questions or other inquiries regarding our privacy policy, you are asked to contact us through our contact information which you will find at the bottom of this page.


What personal data do we collect and for what purpose?

When you visit our website, we will automatically collect information about you – such as which browser you use, your IP-address, your search-words on the website, as well as information about your computer in order to improve your experience.

When you purchase a product, we will collect information about you. These are among others, name, address, e-mail address, phone number, etc. We also store information about which products you buy, and return, with the purpose of delivering products and upholding our obligations in regard to bookkeeping.

Why do we collect information?

Collection of information is important in order for us to manage our interests and improve the entire customer experience on Camilo’s website, as well as to offer you relevant discounts and purchases.


We employ external entities to, among other things, handle the technical maintenance of Our provider assists us in targeted marketing, including retargeting and improving our website, and your rating of our products. These entities are data handlers and manage data under our instruction and responsibility. Data handlers are not allowed to utilize the data in any way, other than that of the agreement with us – they are subject to confidentiality.


In the interest of transparency in regards to the management of your information, we must inform you of your rights.

The right to be informed:
You have the right to request information about, which information we have registered about you, what purpose the registration serves, which categories of personal information and what recipients of information there may be, as well as information about where the data comes from. 

The right to correct:
You have the right to have incorrect personal information about you, corrected. If you become aware of incorrect information, in the information we have registered about you, we encourage you to notify us so we can correct them. You can contact us through

The right to delete:
In certain circumstances, you have the right to have all or some of your personal information deleted by us. In case your personal information is necessary, for example, to uphold our bookkeeping, we are not obligated to delete your personal information.

The right to limit processing:
You have, in some cases, the right to limit the processing of your personal information to only consist of storing, if you, for example, think that our information is incorrect.

The right to data portability:
You have the right to have your personal information provided to you, and we have the right to transfer this information to another data-responsible when we collect your information.

The right to object:

You have the right to make objections to our processing of your personal information, which we collect to improve functions at If you make an objection to our processing, we are no longer allowed to process your personal information, unless we can provide legal reasoning for continued processing.

The right to complain:
You always have the right to complain, through the DPA.


If you have not visited our webshop for more than 1 year, we will automatically delete personal information that we have collected about you, in order to uphold the demands of the law.

Information that we have collected with your permission in order to send marketing material, will be deleted if you cancel your permission unless we have legal grounds to continue processing.


We have enacted sufficient technical and organizational security measures, to ensure that personal information, is not illegally erased, lost, changed or worsened.
Only employees with a need for access to your personal information will be granted access.

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The purpose of using cookies at is to make the website run optimally, to give the user the best possible experience. Cookies are also used for traffic analysis and targeted advertisement.

You can, at any time stop cookies from being stored. As a default, cookies are enabled in modern browsers, like Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. Thus you don’t have to do anything for us to give you the optimal experience. If however, you wish to disable the use of cookies, you can find the settings in your browser to turn off cookies. 


Camilo Borst is data responsible for personal information that is collected through the website.
If you have questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, you can contact:

Camilo Borst UG
Eldenaer 24
10247 Berlin
Tlf. nr.: +49 17631392532


We are, at any time allowed to make changes in this privacy notice.